Does the thought of technology in your business stress you out? Your stress stops here. As a tech virtual assistant, one of my zones of genius is tech support. It's something a lot of business owners dread, but with my support you can stress less and focus more on what you enjoy doing in your business. 




With my monthly Tech Virtual Assistant (Tech VA) services, you'll gain a second hand in your business to help with all you with tech solutions. I am committed to providing you with support to help the backend of you business run smoothly and effortlessly on your end.

Through bi-weekly meetings to chat about what is upcoming in your business and plan out what needs to be done in order to accomplish that, streamlined operations, and effective delegation, I will work closely with you to make your backend seamless.

From creating email funnels, freebie opt-ins, course and product workflows, my goal is to ensure that your business not only runs smoothly, but brings you less stress on the tech side of things.

With my monthly Tech VA services, you'll have a dedicated professional by your side, handling all your tech needs.



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Setting up and testing landing, thank you pages, etc.

I can help you with...

Landing pages

Not sure what platform or service to use and don't want to spend hours researching. I got you and am happy to do it for you.



Looking to automate more of what you do to save time? Let's set up email funnels to bring in your ideal client. Don't want to have to sit at your desk sending email reminders, welcome messages or info about your freebies and courses. Let's set up automations to save you time, but still serve your people.

Funnels + Automations


Latoya B.

Galina's exceptional skills as an online business manager truly transformed my experience with the School of Beauty Aesthetics Institute. Her ability to organize content, foster collaborative efforts, and think outside the box significantly contributed to the success of our projects. Working alongside me, Galina showcased professionalism and innovation, making her an invaluable asset to our team. I, highly recommend her services for anyone seeking top-notch online business management & a team player.

Lauren p.

I love how well Galina communicates and the ideas/creativity that she brings to the table. It seems like everything I lack, she has, which makes her an AMAZING team member! 

Pat V.

I loved working with Galina because she is creative, highly task-oriented, reliable, and adapts quickly to what you need, all with good humor and enthusiasm.

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