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That's NOT how the business you were born to create should make you feel. It's time for change. 

It's time for support.

Is the stress of running your own business zapping your energy? 

Embracing the opportunity to elevate your business to new heights brings me a sense of fulfillment and enthusiasm. The prospect of contributing to the advancement of your endeavors as an Online Business Manager (OBM) is deeply motivating. With a steadfast commitment to efficiency, strategic planning, and streamlined operations, I am dedicated to enabling your business to flourish. Recognizing that my role entails not only assisting but also empowering your business, I am energized by the prospect of leveraging my skills to propel your venture forward. Your success fuels my drive, and the chance to be an integral part of your business's evolution is a responsibility I wholeheartedly embrace.

I thrive knowing I can support your BUSINESS in its next level. 

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Lauren P-  LNProduction VA, LLC

And I would recommend her to anyone (a million times!!!!).

I love how well Galina communicates and the ideas/creativity that she brings to the table. It seems like everything I lack, she has, which makes her an AMAZING team member! 

It was hard to grow/stay afloat before Galina joined my team. I was doing EVERYTHING alone and it's so helpful knowing I can trust her to handle anything that gets thrown her way! Income has increased (slightly) and I've been able to take on more clients and have more client front facing time since starting with Galina. 

I've been able to have more time to spend on growing my business, my confidence increased knowing Galina is such an amazing team member to be able to lean on, and I've had a little more time for self-care! 

There is SO much I would love to share about Galina, but here are a few main attributes: reliable, trustworthy, honest, and accountable. I truly feel me and my business is taken care of with her on my team! 
And I would recommend her to anyone (a million times!!!!).

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Theresa Vee - Healthy Vibrant You

When Galina is focused on your business, there will be no stopping you! 

Galina is able to grasp new concepts and learn new skills quickly, and I was consistently impressed with her ability to shift gears and understand tasks and responsibilities as well as the overall scope of the business. This attribute is invaluable in a fast-paced online business environment where adaptability is key.

She is always willing to ask good questions and seek guidance—which is key to her finding the most effective solutions for your business. This proactive approach will greatly contribute to the overall success of your projects and their completion in a timely manner. 

She consistently meets deadlines and completes assigned tasks within the given timeframe. Her ability to prioritize and meet expectations speaks volumes about her capacity and capability.

In conclusion, Galina has the potential to be a great asset to your business. I recommend scheduling a conversation with her today!

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Patricia V.-  Professor Emeritus 
of Western Michigan University

Sometimes you just need a consultant to steer you in the right direction and Galina can assist with that and take the burden off some of the technical or administrative work.

I loved working with Galina because she is creative, highly task-oriented, reliable, and adapts quickly to what you need, all with good humor and enthusiasm.

I was at a standstill in moving to an online presence to promote a book soon to be published. She did a beautiful job of coordinating this. The book is in the finishing stages of being edited, and the website will be a huge help in being able to showcase it. 

Sometimes you just need a consultant to steer you in the right direction and Galina can assist with that and take the burden off some of the technical or administrative work. You have things to do that only you can do and delegating the other things can be crucial to moving forward.

Galina is a very bright, astute person who I believe anyone would feel comfortable with in business collaboration.

I would highly recommend Galina to anyone seeking to hire a trustworthy, collegial, virtual service provider with energy, drive, and initiative.


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Hello there, I'm Galina! My focus lies in systems, scheduling, and fostering business growth through analytics, all while infusing a touch of creativity.

Passionate about health and fitness, I'm also an enthusiast of athletic wear. Sharing my space are two adorable fur babies.

Back in the day, my career was rooted in education as an elementary teacher. Those three years in the classroom were invaluable before I embarked on a cross-country move.

Following that, I delved into the insurance industry briefly prior to taking the plunge and establishing my own business!

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